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Aunt Jemima You're No Friend Of Mine

>> Monday, June 30, 2008

1. pancakes!
2. maple syrup
3. raspberries
4. mango
5. pistachios

My daddy taught me that white Karo syrup makes a fine topping for pancakes, or white bread, but that's another story, and it's a good thing too. Otherwise I probably would have spent my formative years pancake-less. See we didn't have maple syrup. We had honey, and sorghum molasses, and of course the Karo. And then there was the "pancake syrup" that tasted like poo. I remember thinking that if I could just convince Mom to spring for the Aunt Jemima all would be right in my pancake eatin' world. Well, eventually she did, and it wasn't. It was still nasty, only I begged for it so I had to at least pretend to like it. Years later I was offered a ladle of "hot maple syrup" on a waffle at a hotel buffet. Ohmylordamercy. Enlightenment.

Speaking of Nirvana, I finally managed to mail Mimi's Haiku that Blog! prize off to her today (hope you enjoy it Mimi!). To St. Thomas. That's Virgin Island St. Thomas for those of you that are geographically impaired. I won't be jealous, I won't! Anyway, sharpen up your pencils, it's almost time to haiku Mimi's blog, and please, don't be a hater. I'm sure she'd rather be here in Phoenix. Where it's nice and warm. Yeah.



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