Dark Days & Oatmeal

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

The world is full of evil. Palmer's "chocolate", deadly peanut butter, Rachel Ray, February. Good grief. It's just been one round of pestilence followed by the next. So the cookin'? Not so much.

And the eatin'? Well. See for yourself.

Oh, there was takeout Chinese. And Thai. And the leftovers from that. The highlight was probably this custom creation by the Boo.

Seriously people, I don't -remember- the last meal I cooked. Twenty seven boxes of popsicles and gallons of ginger ale? That I remember. The good news is we've consumed enough antibiotics we'll either be impervious to infection or we could be cultivating a superbug that will kill us all within 12 hours. Either way.

And then there's lunch. Which has been a lot of this.

1. oatmeal
2. patented mix of pecans, golden raisins and brown sugar

Tonight I'm cooking dinner.


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