Solid Gold!

>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What do you do when you're having roasted chicken and the only two vegetables on hand are ones that you know nobody is going to want to eat? You mix them together! Duh.

1. roasted chicken
2. spinach and butternut squash

Kitchen alchemy? Eh. More like spinach and butternut squash kinda mixed together. But I do love me some chicken skin, and sometimes that's enough.


Boeuf au Vin and Noodles

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1. chuck roast braised with onions in shiraz
2. over egg noodles
3. lemon cilantro hummus and pita chips

'Cause that's the fancy kinda eatin' we do around here.


Winter Comes

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1. chili
2. grapes

Winter comes to the desert
And chili calls to my soul

Poetic, no?


I Love Halibut

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's pretty much my favorite fish. Which has nothing to do with me overcooking this particular piece of fish. By a lot. Really.

1. olive oil poached halibut
2. on top of a smashed yellow potato
3. green beans
4. freakin' delicious tomatoes

If I ever try this again, and I'm not sayin' that I will, I'm going to go with the oven method. Maybe.


Hey Ya'll

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

Long time no see. How've ya been? I missed you.

1. Thai yellow curry with potatoes and carrots over rice
2. the sweetest little tangerines ever

PS: I owe someone a HK sandwich box. This might top my previous record for not mailing stuff. Sorry about that.


Fishin' Beans

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

1. fish
2. rice
3. green beans

I'm almost positive the fish was halibut. That's a big ol' spoonful of cooled lemon and caper butter sauce on top of the fish that I wanted to smear all over my knees and lick off at my leisure but instead I acted as though I'd imagine adults do.

In other news I need some beach reading! Not sure if I want to drive over to DI or just hit the local B&N.


Chicken & Couscous

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

It's the week before vacation which means work is pretty much guaranteed to suck extra hard. Also that I'm going to be eating some weird stuff. I like to use the week before a vacation to eat up all the crap that's been sitting around for a while. You know, the things that seemed like such a good idea when you were tossing stuff willy-nilly into the cart but then after you got home, well, not so much.

1. grilled chicken leg (marinated with lemon and 7 spice)
2. lemon and saffron couscous (Fresh & Easy box mix and better than I'd expected)
3. berries

Luckily this week happened to coincide with a holiday weekend - significantly minimizing my pain. I mean I do have berries after all. Remind me to tell you later about the 6 pound pork shoulder sitting in the fridge waiting to get in mah belly!


Recipe for the Remedy

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Assemble your supplies.

3 cups of ice sitting in a bowl of water to soften (about 15 minutes)
one lemon
libation of choice

It should look something like this:


Cut the lemon in half and juice it directly into the blender. Dump in 1/4 cup each of sugar and vodka. Blend. Drain the water out of your ice and add it to the blender - you should have about 2 1/2 cups. Pulse until smooth.

Pre-softening the ice really makes a difference in the texture - if you don't you'll have little icy granules which isn't exactly the end of the world but isn't exactly what you're going for here either. Of course I'm sure this doesn't apply if you have a fancy blender. Like say a Vita-Mix 1700 Turbo Blend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor. In which case yeah, yay for you. Whatever.

Anyway. Pour the lemonade into the glass. Leave what sticks to the bottom in there and throw in 1/4 cup of berries. Pulse a few times and pour on top of the lemonade.

Stick a straw in your glass and admire.

Sip contentedly. Avoid brain freeze.


How hot is it?

>> Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is your cookie dough baking on the counter top? Did you tires melt all over the driveway? Has your soul evaporated? Need a remedy?

Frozen lemonade. With blackberries. And vodka.


Won't Get Fooled Again!

>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

First it was this abomination of an appetizer pimped out by the one and only Pioneer Woman with a hearty second from millions of her minions. Could millions of minions be wrong? Seriously P-Dub? Seriously?

Then it was this one from Kate @ Warm Olives ... and Cool Cocktails. Ice Water Crackers. Essentially wet crackers fried in butter. What could go wrong, right? Oh. Right. That.

And now? Now there's this hot mess of a wreck from Sweetnicks in which I take Toffee Crack and turn it into Ass Crack. Using the last of the brown sugar, the last of the good butter, and the last of the chocolate leaving me with saltines topped with butter, brown, sugar and chocolate.

Okay internetz, I'm onto you now. No more Sandra Leeish cracker recipes. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice?

Well, hell. Now I don't give a rat's rear right testicle how super simple and delicious you might claim your cracker thing to be, I. AIN'T. A-FALLIN'. FER. THAT. NO. MORE.

Know what goes on a cracker? Smoked gouda. That's what goes on a cracker. Not canned cheese, not water and least of all not the last of my chocolate!

(PS - you should go see Kate because I pink puffy heart her blog AND she alerted me to TasteStopping : Feasting on seconds! which is seven colors of awesome AND because I didn't really waste anything precious like bacon or chocolate trying to make her recipe.)


Notta Bowl of Hope

Not quite a Sadness Bowl, but not exactly a Bowl of Hope either.

1. meat and horseradish
2. shard of parm
3. tomatoes
4. grapes
5. cherries


Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl *

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did you see Jon&Kate last night? I did. But I'm not proud of it. I felt dirty.

1. PeiWei leftovers. In a sadness bowl.



Sounds Nasty, Looks Nasty, Tastes? Not Nasty!

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

Honey Walnut Shrimp? With sweet mayonnaise sauce? Uhm, no thank you. Yes, I'm sure. Yes, I know it's very popular. No, I'm not allergic to nuts. Or mayonnaise. Or shrimp. Just, well, just no.

But the curiosity. It consumes me sometimes. Could it really be as bad as it sounds? Surely not.

Ohmysweetmotherofpearl. Yes! Sweet mayonnaise on big beautiful lightly battered and fried shrimp with honey candied walnuts. With broccoli. On rice. How could something so, so, so wrong be so right?

This is leftover from Yao take-out, but it's surely super easy and fast to do at home, I'd imagine it could be done before the rice is cooked if you start with shelled and de-veined shrimp.

1. honey walnut shrimp with broccoli and rice
2. remains of an un-wanted eggroll
3. the last of the free tomatoes


Neighbor's CSA Loss - My Gain

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1. mixed summer squash sauteed with caramelized leeks, garlic and a little tomato
2. beef. it's what was for dinner.
3. part of a red bean bun

Edit for Yvo: Our neighbors were on vacation so we got to pick up their CSA goodies while they were gone. And eat them. The vegetables I mean, not the neighbors.


Chicken Enchiladas

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

1. Mexizona shrimp cocktail
2. saltines
3. roasted green chili and chicken enchilada with sour cream on the side


Ribs and Raspberries

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anyone else get meal ideas from This is why you're fat.?

No, me either.


When I saw this I suddenly couldn't get the Shack Tater outta my mind. And honestly? I didn't want to.

In fact I may or may not have forwarded it to Him, who may or may not have replied with "what kind of chips?" blah blah blah "want Joe's tonight?". I might have asked for an add-on of ribs. Or maybe not.

1. ribs & sauce with gratuitous green onion garnish
2. the most delicious raspberries I've ever eaten in my whole life
3. approximately ZERO cents worth of fabulous little yellow tomatoes (gift from co-worker's garden)


Cho Dang Leftovers

>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Did I mention my Mom came to eat visit this weekend? Well, she did and I'm happy to say we ate every meal like it was our last.


Pretty Pink Ume Soba - NOT Meat Strings

>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

1. cold ume soba noodles with a little parsley (dipping sauce not pictured)
2. grapefruit with lime zest
3. Armenian cucumber chunks

The last time I packed cold noodles they were a pasty mess by the time I was ready to eat them. Thanks to Just Hungry I've learned that you need to wash the noodles, rinsing alone isn't enough. Of course the last time I packed cold noodles they weren't pink either. And didn't prompt Boo to ask "is that MEAT?".


Better Than Raw Chicken

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. egg salad sandwich on squishy bread with basil
2. pea salad
3. 53 cents worth of tomato


When Chicken Tartar Fails

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Okay, okay, the Chicken Tartar didn't fail. I did. Alright? I'm D. U. M. M. Dumm.

How's some nice grilled chicken sound? Maybe with a caprese salad? Sounded good to me too. Too bad I didn't take the chicken out of the freezer.

Rosati's to the rescue!

1. leftover deep dish
2. caprese salad with some three dollar tomato and the last of the balsamic reduction


Greyhound Jellies

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

I might be a little obsessed with the cocktail jellies. This one is so, so, seriously good. The technique is exactly the same as the Manhattan Drops but I replaced the whiskey, vermouth and bitters with 1 & 1/2 cups fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, 3/4 cup of expensive vodka and a pinch of salt. Also instead of individual molds I used a 9x13 pyrex baking dish and unmolded the whole thing out on a cutting board before hacking it into squares and half-moons.

Greyhound Jellies

There's gotta be a better name for these!

Initially I garnished them with a bit of candied peel, but then I went all Alinea @ the Double Wide (apologies to Mr. Achatz, and Carol, and well, everyone) and busted out the coffee grinder. I had decided to grind some of the peel and for some reason it seemed like a good idea to throw in a few cardamom seeds and sprinkle a little bit of this magic dust on top of my pretty little jellies.

Know what? It totally worked. The peel adds this intense grapefruit POP right at the beginning and the cardamom adds just a little spicy warmth and the next thing you know you're saying "wow, that was -really- good!". Or at least that's what I said.

Next up the Lemon Drop Drops - for realz this time.


Wrap it up, I'll take it.

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

1. turkey wrap with Peppadew goat cheese spread
2. broccoli slaw in a lettuce cup
3. mango

Look! A healthy lunch! Please note the whole wheat tortilla and extraneous use of green leafy stuff. And those tomato wedges surely deserve a special mention. By my (probably faulty) calculations that's about 79 cents worth of local grown tomato. Totally worth it.

Speaking of totally ... enter my Totally Random Giveaway to win a Hello Kitty sandwich box.


Totally Random Giveaway

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was gifted with a huge bag of grapefruit today and all I can think about is making Greyhound Jellies. It's a sickness I tell ya. A sickness.

Since I can't really mail anyone a Jello shot thought I'd offer this instead.

Want a pearly pink Hello Kitty sandwich box? Of course you do.

Just leave me a comment and you're in it to win it.

Be my Twitter friend and you're in it twice!

Winner will be selected @ random Sunday night say around 8 pm.


Manhattan Drops

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just when you think it's gonna be a long, hot summer... and then you don't care.

Courtesy of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario by way of Jumbo Empanadas.

Manhattan Drops

1 big jar of maraschino cherries with stems (buy an extra to cut down on the whining when the kids realize you aren't making them a snack)
1 cup simple syrup (mix 1 cup of sugar with one cup of water, bring to a boil and cool)
3 packs unflavored gelatin (these are the little envelopes of Knox that come in a box. Hint - get the box of 32, it's way cheaper than the box of 4)
1 1/2 cups whiskey (I used Canadian Club because it was on sale)
3/4 cup sweet vermouth (I used Gallo 'cause that's all they had)
3 shakes of Angostura Bitters (This stuff is freakin' expensive but I'm really glad I bought it. Even though you just use a smidge it's this flavor that makes a Manhattan taste like a Manhattan. It's a teeny little bottle but I'm guessing it will last forever and will become part of my estate.)

1. Drain cherries well and blot on paper towels. Use LOTS of paper towels because they will soak through and stain your counters pink. You've been warned. Meanwhile, pour the simple syrup into a small saucepan. Sprinkle gelatin on top and stir to combine. Let stand until gelatin softens, about 2 minutes. You can tell when it's soft because all the white bits will be clear. Place this mixture over low heat and stir, gently splashing around the sides of the pan until all of the gelatin has dissolved. Do not boil. This shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

2. Combine whiskey, vermouth and bitters in a bowl. Stir in gelatin mixture. Stir slowly for 1 minute.

3. Arrange cherries, stems pointing up, in your molds. I used little plastic condiment cups and I'm kicking myself for not saving them. Divide alcohol mixture evenly between molds. I used a spouted measuring cup to pour. Yes, it was tedious. Transfer to refrigerator for 45 minutes or until softly set. Straighten any slanted stems. (I totally skipped this step) Chill for at least 1 hour longer.

4. To unmold, dip bottoms of the cups briefly in body-temperature water, turn upside down and squeeze/shake the jellies out.

Next up - Lemon Drop Drops. It's gonna be an awesome summer!


The Ultimate Dog

Faithful readers (hi Mom!) may remember how much I dig the hot dogs. And this dog? It's the ultimate. And no, I didn't lift the picture from This is why you're fat.

1. bacon wrapped wiener on a bolillo with avocado and mayo
2. salsa and beans on the side to add later


Speaking of dogs ... guess where we took Boo Sunday night?

Dog track.

Dogs, liquor, gambling - what's not to love? Good family fun there. Who knew?


Delicious Cliche

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1. salad with beets and goat cheese and glorious beef
2. focaccia
3. olive oil underneath there somewhere
4. chickie full of reduced balsalmic vinegar

About that vinegar reducing business. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT lean over and inhale deeply mid-reduction. Really.


Keen on Keema

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I may not have mastered the quick & easy Pad Thai but I'm rockin' the fast & fabulous keema. Take THAT you Quorn people!

1. beef keema
2. cucumber raita
3. tangerine slices
4. chocolate


Not A Quornburger

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some people get surprised by Quorn deliveries packaged in little red coolers with radios on the front of them. Other people get flaming bags of poo left at their front door. Some people might not think there's much difference between the two. They're probably just jealous.

1. hamburger fixin's on an onion roll
2. pea and potato salad
3. sweet, sweet mayonnaise
4. a berry or three

What you can't see is a big fat juicy all-American (and/or Mexican and/or Canadian) beef burger lovingly wrapped in parchment and hidden underneath the rest.


Pad Thai Fail

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

I know there's gotta be some way to make a decent pad thai at home that doesn't involve pounding lemon grass or planting a tamarind tree. But thisain't it. And Fresh & Easy? About that frozen shrimp? You're on notice.

Live and learn.


If I Were You ....

>> Tuesday, May 5, 2009

and I saw a whole cryopacked beef tenderloin at the grocery store on sale for 40 bucks, I'd buy it. Then I'd take it home, wrap a kitchen towel around it and carry it around like a baby while incessantly reminding anyone who'd listen that I'd birthed smaller things. Oh. Never mind. That's what I'd do if I saw a whole cryopacked beef tenderloin at the grocery store on sale for 40 bucks.

Then I'd cook it.

And if there were leftovers (and there would be) I'd slice it thin and eat it on dinner rolls with spinach and roasted red peppers and vinaigrette. But I wouldn't call them sliders, cause that irritates Julie.

1. little sandwiches
2. old cake


Somebody Gimme Some Sugar!

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

A co-worker said to me, "I've got this big ol' lemon and I'm trying to figure out how to make lemonade."

With a straight face.

She's so cute.

Anyway. Time to crawl back out from under my rock.

I've got a new computer.

Life goes on.

1. salmon
2. rice
3. peas
4. lemon beurre blanc on da side


Some Food in a Box

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1. wings
2. slider
3. peanuts

All served up in a styrofoam take-out box. Happy Earth Day!!!

Oh, people? I know I'm not the first person to mention this to you, but BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER. Especially pictures of your babies. For realz yo. I'm sure I'll eventually stop crying.


Happy Easter Coconut Cake & No Hashbrown Casserole

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

This is not a picture of Hashbrown Casserole. It is a picture of a coconut layer cake based on this recipe from Alton Brown with a standard (meaning not coconut flavored) seven minute frosting. This cake did not contain fresh coconut in any form, nor did it contain coconut extract. Free tip - substituing canned coconut milk for coconut water in seven minute frosting doesn't work. Another free tip - vague memories of purchasing some kinda extract that may or may not have been coconut will not make coconut extract miraculously appear in your cabinet. Thank you.

It was pretty good a couple of hours after it was made but was fan-freakin-tastic the day after. I highly recommend making this the day before you wanna eat it because otherwise it might not seem worth the effort.

This is also not Hashbrown Casserole but it is instead our family standard Sweet Potato Stuff. It's made from roasted sweet potatoes that are peeled then roughly mashed with butter and a little salt and topped with copious amounts of tiny marshmallows and pecans then drizzled with maple syrup and warmed until toasty. Diabetics and those with weird dessert masquerading as side dish phobias need not apply.

If for some odd reason you came here to see Hashbrown Casserole, might I suggest that you go here instead.


Don't be a Hater

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boy took his girlfriend out for Korean the other day and made a swing through the market next door afterward. What can I say? He's a kid of habit. Anyway, he found this cute lunch set and bought it. For me. He's pretty much the best Boy ever. And then I filled it with some awesome leftovers!

1. roast chicken and vegetables
2. Big Love salad
3. glorious chard
4. dark chocolate

Add this to an eye roll free weekend and I'm ridin' the first Mommy high I've felt in a long, long time.


Plum Classic

>> Monday, April 6, 2009

Classic Sunday Dinner leavin's with the addition of a plum. And carrot sticks. 'Cause who ever heard of carrot sticks with a Classic Sunday Dinner? Nobody, that's who. Who wonders what in the heck I was thinkin' with that weird camera angle? Me, that's who.

1. potato salad
2. grilled pig
3. carrots
4. plum


The Teryaki Tuna that Wasn't

>> Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sit back, I'll tell a tale in my special disjointed way.

You know what a beer fridge is, right? Well I have one. Like all good beer fridges it lives in the garage. It holds beer. And occasionally abominations. And it's freezer holds overflow. Like tuna.

Sometimes I get a craving for something and when that happens nothing else will do. Like teryaki. I had the best bottled teriyaki sauce in the free world, I just needed something to dump it on. Like tuna.

As luck would have it, I had tuna. Frozen. In the freezer, but not in the beer freezer. Two packages, four chunks. I wavered. I wasn't crazy hungry. He doesn't love tuna OR teryaki. Boy was with the girlfriend. Boo was sleeping off a belly full of ramen. I went for it. All four chunks would insure leftovers for lunch. And I like tuna.

I marinated. I seared. I reduced. I steamed rice. I ate tomatoes. And maybe some little bit chocolate. Or more. Anyway, when it was ready, I was done. So He ate alone. Like a king. Or a pariah. He didn't look happy. But that's not an unusual look for him. I asked him if it was good. He said "the sauce is good" but I don't really like tuna.

He ate. I watched. He chewed. He swallowed he finished. He asked more than once why I wasn't eating. Finally he admitted this much - "it's pretty fishy". My thought? It's fish Einstein. I bet it tastes like tuna.

Eventually I wandered over to the stove and started to pack up my lunch. I broke off a little bite and popped it in my mouth and 1.7 seconds later spit it out into the sink. Fishy? Fishy my ass. Tasted more like the armpit of Satan than like tuna.

Cue over analysis. Yes, I know it makes people hate me. I can't help myself. And I remembered how several weeks ago He mentioned that the beer fridge had died. And then a few days later he mentioned that it had been resurrected. Don't worry! Beer is safe! Who cares about stuff in overflow freezer? Like tuna.

Stuff that had maybe thawed for one or two or seventeen days 'cause I think about drinking beer WAY more often than I actually haul my butt out to garage to fetch one. Stuff that maybe He looked at, and touched, and then maybe thought something like "hey, it's still cold!". Then maybe he decided it would be start to move that stuff into the house freezer. Stuff like tuna.

1. teryaki tomatoes
2. rice
3. apples with honey and yogurt

Know what? Teryaki tomatoes are damn tasty. And not at all like tuna.


I Am the Walrus

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No I'm not.

I am the Eggman!

Not really.

I bought eggs from the Eggman!

Okay, EggWOMAN. Whatever.


Are they not beautiful?

Are they worth 4 bucks a dozen?

I think so.

1. egg salad sandwich
2. mixed greens
3. mixed grapes


Shhhhhhhh! Show some respect, would ya?

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

The old gray goose is dead.

Should explain the .... silence .... around here.


And there's this.

And yeah, I know, they put it on the wrong bun. But still. It's back! It's back! The bitch is back! Stone cold sober as a matter of, uhm, sorry. That's another story, for another day. Something about that processed pork patty just lights my fire. And that's a fact.


Ikea, Ikea, I-keet

>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ikea, Ikea,
Lovely, dear Ikea,
From your flat packs to your anchovy treat,
There's nothing half so sweet,
As Ikea, Ikea, I-keet.

Oh, there are things of wonder,
Of which men like to sing.
There are pretty sunsets and birds upon the wing,
But of the joys of nature,
None truly can compare,
With Ikea, Ikea, she of wonders beyond compare.
And Swedish meatballs.

Okay, I totally ripped that off from Barney Fife. Don't judge me. I've been sick.

1. meatballs
2. potatoes
3. lingonberry stuff
4. brownie


Daring Baker #14 My Black Plague Valentino

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

I was so excited to make this cake. Only THREE freakin' ingredients. THREE! One of which would help deplete the excessive chocolate stores I'm still hoarding. All THREE of which I. already. owned. Do you know how rare this is? Well, it's ... rare.

But then. Then .... Just when I could finally see March comin' around the corner February reached up and bitchslapped me again.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

I whined. And coughed. And brought up that 'someone' bought me generic orange juice when it was the ooooooonnnnnnlllllly thing I could even bear to think about drinking. And He made the cake. And I didn't criticize. Much. I opted not to push my luck on the whole ice cream thing.

So here's the cake. It tastes EXACTLY like chocolate. Unfortunately this particular cake could have been a bit overcooked. And -might- have teensy bits of scrambled egg in it. But still - tastes EXACTLY like chocolate. Also, apparently we don't have any "parchment circles". But still. Tastes EXACTLY like chocolate. And plays nicely with ice cream.

You'll do things differently when you make it.

The February 2009 challenge is hosted by Wendy of WMPE's blog and Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef.
We have chosen a Chocolate Valentino cake by Chef Wan; a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Dharm and a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Wendy as the challenge.



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