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>> Wednesday, February 6, 2008

1. beans with some stuff in them
2. orange slices
3. cherries

See those beans in the green bowl? I made those weekend before last, like the 27th. I called them cassoulet. Admittedly I've never had cassoulet - and apparently I've never seen a recipe for it either, cause the very same freakin' day somebody calling herself Heather (of all things) posted this.

I had no clue. Seriously no idea. Hard to believe I actually live in a major metropolitan area with access to several libraries AND cable tv. I mean obviously I knew something called cassoulet existed and that it had beans and pork in it. And that's pretty much where it ended.

I have to say though, for what it's worth, this stuff was pretty good. And it didn't take 3 days or involve trying to find a big ol' sheet of porkskin. Maybe Heather will send me leftovers?


natesgirl February 7, 2008 at 10:23 PM  

i have never had cassoulet would someone with no taste for beans like it?
also I have a question how do you get that who ate what feature on your blog? i can't figure it out LOL


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