Wholesome Fudge Filled Marshmallows

>> Thursday, February 7, 2008

I started buying granola from the bulk bins at the market. It is -so- much cheaper - keeps me from cringing if someone (not naming names here) doesn't finish a whole serving - but ... well, surely I'm not the only one a little creeped out by bulk bins? I mean it's fine for something that you can wash or cook, like lentils. But cereal? I just know it's crawling with germs - not that I'm letting it stop me. Heck, I even decided against keeping my own secret stash of prepackaged stuff in the back of the cabinet. See? I can get past this!

1. whole milk vanilla yogurt
2. granola
3. half a banana
4. few cherries
5. Hello Kitty fudge-filled marshmallow

Margot from Coffee and Vanilla is hosting a round-up this month of healthy packed lunches - this is my entry.

About drinks ... we do. Drink that it is. It's just not worth noting for the most part. I take a water bottle. Everyday. Boo usually takes a juice box or a non-dairy chocolate "milk" box that I keep in the freezer, but sometimes she takes a water bottle or buys a drink at school. Rarely I make her a smoothie. I'm not thrilled with the drink boxes but it seems to work pretty well. Keeping them frozen ensures they're still chilled for lunchtime and helps cool the lunch itself. Most importantly though it also keeps little piglets from drinking up a week's worth of pricey but portable juice boxes while ignoring the half-gallon in the fridge!

Oh, I almost forgot - I put a drop of honey on a square of cling wrap and pressed it onto the cut edge of the bananas. I forgot to ask Boo if her banana stayed nice, but I know my half was fine. Of course I'm not the one that just can't eat around the brown bit on the end!


Coffee & Vanilla February 8, 2008 at 4:51 PM  

Thank you for your beautiful entry...
Have a great weekend, Margot

Snug February 9, 2008 at 10:13 PM  

fudge filled marshmallows!!!! yum! what a treat :)


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