Deconstructing Reuben

>> Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm probably way more excited about this lunch than is reasonable. We love to go to Teakwoods, and I love to order the Reuben. But it's pretty freakin' huge, and I never finish it, and it doesn't taste good leftover, and I abhor paying for food that doesn't get eaten.

Then I had an epiphany. No, there is nothing weird about sandwich epiphanies. I ordered my Reuben with confidence, and promptly requested a take out box as soon as our accommodating waitress slapped that baby down. I took half of the sandwich and separated the components out into little piles. Discretely, of course! Then I made this for lunch the next day.

1. pastrami rolls stuffed with Swiss and grilled onions
2. side of jalapeno cole slaw
3. toasted rye croutons
4. little peppers, one stuffed with hummus
5. grape tomatoes
6. sesame crackers

The only thing that went to waste was the piece of bread that had absorbed a bit of the dressing. Yay Teakwoods, Yay Jalapeno Cole Slaw Reubens and Yay me!


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