Thai Curry Trickery

>> Thursday, December 13, 2007

1. curry with shrimp, pineapples and carrots over rice
2. strawberries with pineapples
3. birthday bun

I wasn't altogether pleased with the way this looked. Definately suffered from a lack of green despite my clever choice of bento box, probably shouldn't have repeated the pineapple either, or put the pink bun in. Oh well, it tasted good. In fact it tasted great. And it's fast. Of course there are better, more complex, more authentic recipes out there. But this is good. And fast. And I repeat myself.

One Serving Thai Curry

1 T curry paste* (I used red curry paste)
1/2 can coconut milk (make sure you shake it hard before you open it)
handful of protein (I used pre-cooked frozen shrimp)
half a handful of vegetables (I used frozen sliced carrots)
quarter of a handful of an accent vegetable(I used frozen pineapple chunks)
couple good shakes of fish sauce

Heat about 2/3 of the coconut milk in a small saute pan over medium high heat until it begins to thicken. Stir in the curry paste until it's all combined and then turn the heat down to medium and add your carrots and/or other vegetables. Simmer until the vegetables are tender. Throw in the shrimp and pineapple and cook until they're warm. Add the fish sauce and the rest of the coconut milk. Don't skip the fish sauce. I know it stinks. Just do it. Otherwise your just eating spicy coconut milk. Eat with rice.

See? Easy. Easy to adjust too. Just pick the color of your curry, your protein and your vegetables and you're good to go. I like green curry with tofu, eggplant and bamboo shoots. He likes yellow curry with chicken, potatoes, and carrots and peas.

*if you shop at an Asian market look for Thai curry paste refridgerated in little plastic tubs (Mae Ploy brand is available where I shop) - these will pretty much keep forever in your fridge and are far better and way cheaper than the little jarred pastes you can find on the shelf at the supermarket


InspiredMumof2 December 17, 2007 at 10:12 PM  

Never thought about packing the Thai curry for bento too! I'm sure my hubby will like it. Thanks for the post :-)

Anonymous March 6, 2009 at 1:22 AM  
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